vilekula   Villekula is a reconstruction project. It is about the change of a small house from single family dwelling into a kindergarten. 11AM executed more normative than creative activity and the reason to show this object is mainly sentimental — the building is mystically old, but quite well kept, with the typical for its age details and fragments, with spacious lighted rooms, sloping roof covered with ceramic tiles and a nice yard with an outdoor fountain huddled in the shadow of an awesome pine-tree. During its functional period Villekula is one of the last structures in resident area of Slatina, that keeps the spirit of its time with the peculiar ornaments and contrasting small scale. Unfortunately owner’s intention about the house will not preserve it from destroying and it is actually pending its physical execution. If only Jean Pierre Raynaud was still active, 11AM would invite him to set up installation – sanctuary in memory of Villekula.