slot   Various factors are required for generating real architecture. Undoubtedly one of the most important is the presence of attractive investors. The assignment for this object came from a young family, fulfilled with constructive impatience about their new house. The functional tasks were few in number, but clear and specific: spacious premises, two integrated parking lots, separate level for chill zone and a large roof terrace. Along with these terms, 11AM noted the short distant boundary of the property with the near river and decided to enrich their project with perspective to the so desired South and contiguous scenery. Pursuing their goal, both architects choose a structure with a crisp prismatic shape and quadratic foundation. Then they focused on the South vertical edge and attached to it this dark paneled terrace – contemporary interpretation of the specific for modernism form of a slot, allowing the safety guardrails to fade in the general background. By 2012 the project is in process of realization.