Can a house kill—not in the boring haunted way? Maybe. If it conveys meaning of strong contextual mis-placing and mis-timing, a trap end of the road.
An ordinary, a little bit outdated, but sill good country house for seasonal living with a recipe for floating space and a Queen who cannot run back to appreciating warm artistic layers, she even drinks from basic IKEA brown cups. At the end Queen dies on a still frame, as if to be memorized, as if she is a real person and the movie is a documentary - poetic as she is, Queen of earth, Queen of salt.

Marcel Proust taught me that "the magnificent and pitiable family of neurotic people is the salt of the earth." YSL said that at his Retirement Speech, January 7, 2002

Queen of Earth (2015), Alex Ross Perry. Production design: Anna Bak-Kvapil