My name is Malte and I’m the cat who is going to inhabit that home. These days a bunch of humans work there, bustle, and prepare it for my mistress and I to move in. It is expected to happen before the falling of first snow. My Lady hired architects and spends all the time in the world with them. She travels a lot around the globe and always brings home those rocks and stones which the architects are supposed to find a major place for. Apparently, they are preparing a huge – as big as a wall – map of the world on which my Lady will arrange her stone treasure. Thank god, finally some order. I am very pleased to be informed that the bedroom of Lady’s son is being built fully sound-proof, so my peace won’t be disturbed and that of the neighbors too. I wouldn’t want them knocking annoyed on my front door. Did I mention the neighbors have a dog? I am very delighted to know that I’ll be having at my service a living room, dining room, two bedrooms (the son’s one - no thanks), two bathrooms, a pantry, laundry and two balconies – one of which is quiet and the other which faces the boulevard from where I shall be observing all the traffic and pedestrians. The latter is of such a substantial matter. Miaaaow.