confession   This bench is about the spontaneous verbal sharing between two individuals, who can retell the stories of their lives without knowing each other. It is something like the Forrest Gump movie, where Tom Hanks tells his personal life experience on a bench at a bus stop. The
represented bench happens to navigate individuals' looks towards one another and thus stimulate confession communications, who are trial and lost after the conversation ends but still remain told. The reinforced plastic seamless knot-based strip, which has its two torsions at the ground contact spot and above the seats, is smooth, reflective and shiny because it tries to disintegrate, to shell, to isolate from the environment and by that to be conducive to confessions. It tries to be different as it is an introvert-based bench. It is inspired by Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis, 1994, and Ultimo tango a Parigi by Bernardo Bertolucci, 1972.