c   Canada apartment lies at the top of a brick-built tower-block on Cherni Vrah Boulevard in Sofia. For more than an year 11AM were sending messages, drawings and photographs to a remote destination, which later determined the name of their project. Canada apartment develops and enjoys progress in the spirit of thousands of written words. When they got involved with the flat, it had a look that referred to the socialist times and its inherent ghostliness. Yet, 11AM were enchanted by the hundreds of capitol roofs revealed by every single window of the apartment. They decided to capture the precious scenery in large pictures, shouldering the white aluminum joinery by dark, massive frames. At some places 11AM gives the furniture an interpretation to windows: they use books for close-up in front of a background of dozens of drawn houses. Preserving the vintage bed frame for sentimental reasons, rearranging the whole kitchen equipment so the mistress to face all day-room life, accommodating the balconies for safe contemplation — these are only a small part of the tasks for 11AM here. The amount of work is considerable, but the process is fascinating. 11AM seizes the opportunity to express their gratitude to the investors for the freedom they were given.