13   In fact, architects don’t have days off – the owner of Ground Box Set, rang on a Sunday evening, wishing to see us in the next hour. In our phone talk he mentioned with excitement that he had finally reached success in the hard negotiation for a property he had so long dreamed of. At the meeting he brought a scheme with pale horizontals, a smile and the words: gang, we’re doing it! The position of the terrain under a small hill was the first thing we noticed. Our task included a food store at the ground level, which had to be linked to the level of the street. This forced us to bury the building in the hill, at the price of hundreds cubic meters of earth soil taken out.  The building law gave us a hard time, but after several attempts we finally reached to a solution which met all criteria. The shape of the property was elongated, which was definitely not the shape of the building we aimed at, so we decided to add separate boxes to the main body – as far as that was possible. This is how we got these additional emerging boxes to the North and the East.