lozen   11AM generated their first ideas of this project on a lawn in the heart of South Park in Sofia during a nice warm afternoon, late summer of 2008. The investors are an attractive family with two children. They emotionally revealed a postmodern dream of an easy and peaceful life out of town in a small new house, lying at the border between the mountain and a residential area, situated only 25 km from the capitol. 11AM faced the question of what should be the message to deliver with a project of this kind. Regarding a single family house as a portrait of its owners, emotionally attached to the green environment around, 11AM chose to express the connection between inner and outer residential space by emphasizing on the veranda, deeply engraved in the basic body frame, without which the house would resemble only a luxury block. 11AM did not hesitate to preserve an old well, situated at the boundary frame. By 2011 the project is still in process of realization.