11AM is a professional collaboration between the architects Boryana Ilieva and Panayot Savov. 11AM was formed as an idea in the student halls of University of Architecture, Civil engineering and Geodesy in the early 2002, but it started as a real two-man show in 2008. 11AM does not measure work in grand scales and this gives each project the opportunity of gaining maximum attention by its authors. 11AM finds architecture a necessary and comprehensive consequence of life.  It doesn’t mark a beginning, neither an end. 11AM realizes that the nature of architectural profession gives the freedom both badly need. The role of an architect – still being hard to define, allows them to be formal or technical without even restraining their spontaneous or artistic behavior. 11AM appreciates successful design but may be really impressed when finding there’s a true meaning behind it. 11AM doesn’t support a list of names of glorious world architects as they are not inspired of their architectural models; instead they work on creating their own ones. 11AM can be extremely conceptual and not even less practical. Parallel to speculations upon theory – developed mainly as a part of lecture classes, both architects never miss to be involved in the construction processes and literally filthy their hands every time they have the chance to.